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The Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 Edition of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper

RELEASE DATE: Friday, February 2, 2018

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Meet Our Author of the Month - Reef

Reeshas Song of Blue by Reef



Call me Reef. I am your Host. Are you Happy ? Happiness is like trying to find water in the Desert.

Can you find any ? Sometimes. Sure. But only a Few Drops. God is an OCEAN of JOY ! But he is Not Cheap. You Cannot find Him in a Chemical. You must attract His Attention. HOW ? Not by living to please your Senses. That is False Ego. You are Spirit Soul. NOT the Body. We have forgotten just how Splendid Our HOME is ! The SPIRITUAL SKY ~~~~~~~~~

Angel friends have shown me ‘SHADOW Reflections‘ of This. Just a Glimpse of the way things Were. And there are NO English words to Describe this HARMONY ******* But are you Prepared to Admit that you haven’t got things figured Out; just Yet. Maybe you need Help ? I sure did ! I was a Criminal. And now I’m a Hindu Sampridaya Priest. So it’s POSSIBLE! We’re going to explain what needs to be done to make things Real. The Matrix is Not REAL ! It’s an Illusion. A computer Enhanced Hallucination!  You must find out what’s Wrong and Fix it. Don’t Fix the BLAME … That Never Works. Just find out what’s Messed up and FIX it. You may not Know what’s Messed up. But God does. And he has Deputized Me and these LOVELY Angels to Help you with This. You may not Like the amount of things that need Fixing; but We will be there With you. Don’t feel BAD; you’re just Ignorant. I, Myself; was both Bad AND Ignorant ! So if you Honestly Desire PURE TRUTH ***. It Shouldn’t take more than Awhile. Always Respect LOGIC

BEST of EVERYTHING ~~~~~~~~~~~~



Listen to Reef on The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell on July 28 2015 Here!

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